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Apu Picol

Apu Picol

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The responsible traveller

 ” TRAVELING MAKES YOU HUMAN ” Traveling is more than moving, going from one place to another; traveling implies opening our minds to cultural differences and lifestyles, avoiding imposing our cultural model or bending reality to our particular view of the world. ” THE TRIP IS PEOPLE ” To travel is to exercise tolerance and

Heritage interpretation

Heritage interpretation is the “art” of revealing in situ the meaning of the natural and cultural legacy to the public that visits those places in their free time. Heritage interpretation is a structured approach to non-formal learning specialised in communicating significant ideas about a place to people on leisure. It establishes a link between visitors

Our philosophy

Slow travel ” The objective of the trip is not to visit a city or area but to discover it, to know it, to enjoy it, and to integrate into it ” Our philosophy is to integrate in the place of destination, communicate with its inhabitants and be part of their customs. For this it

About picol

Trekking Picol is an specialized company that was created to offer quality services to tourists and explore new trekking spots in and around Cusco. OUR TEAM Our team is made up of professionals from several branches of the tourism industry, with years of experience of mountaineering in the Andes and elsewhere. OUR VISION We offer

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The magic of the andes. A scape for the learning for curious and responsible adventurers

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