Our philosophy

Slow travel

” The objective of the trip is not to visit a city or area but to discover it, to know it, to enjoy it, and to integrate into it ”

Our philosophy is to integrate in the place of destination, communicate with its inhabitants and be part of their customs.

For this it is essential not to be in a hurry: choose a destination according to the days available, not set goals and dare to improvise. In the Andes, everything works a little slower than normal, even our digestion. Cusco is about 3400 m.s.n.m. Take it easy!. The main objective is to enjoy both the trip and the destination.


Contact with nature and people

We think our routes so that in each one of them we can have contact with nature that surrounds us, to be able to enjoy the landscape in its totality. We do not want our trips to be routes where we see the reality of destiny from the window of a car. We want to soak up their colors, their scents and their traditions. Each trip is a life experience, an incredible possibility to see other life forms and other ways to live it.



In small groups

An African proverb says: “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to get far go accompanied.” We are convinced that group travel can be a very enriching experience, especially because people who travel often have similar passions and concerns about life, and more when the group is small. Our groups are small, because in small groups we can adapt to the needs of all and have a minor impact on the environment, both socially and environmentally


Local partners

We believe that tourism can be sustainable only if business and local communities are directly involved, so that the income generated by travelers is reinvested in the real economy, to the benefit of local economies. We support and promote community-based rural tourism and we always try to work with local correspondents selected not only for their experience, but also for their focus on social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Reduce our carbon footprint

In Trekking picol we want to protect the environmental resources and reduce our ecological footprint. That’s why our tours are designed from a sustainable perspective: according to the chosen travel style, our accommodations will range from camps and small family-run lodgings to luxurious eco-resorts with environmental sustainability practices. We try to choose less polluting or alternative means of transport and organize activities with a low environmental impact.

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