Apu huanacaure


There is the Legend that Ayar broters rose from Pacaritambo Mountains after the Great Flood that had devastated the Earth. Their names were Ayar Uchu, Ayar Cachi, Ayar Manco and Ayar Auca, and their wifes accompanied them.

They behold the destruction and the poverty after the flood and decided to travel far beyond the highlands on the quest of fruitful lands to grow and thrive. The journey was not easy and adversity took the life of all brothers but Ayar Manco. When he arrived at Mount Huanacaure, on the south side of Cusco valley, he thrust his gold cane easily in the ground. He had finally found fertile lands. There he founded with his sisters the city of Cusco in homage to the god Inti and Wiracocha. The foundation of Cusco was the keystone of the later Inca Empire, known by the Incas as The Tahuantinsuyo.

These event that historians are interpreted as the conquest of the Cusco valley by Quechua tribes indigenous from the south of the Apurimac Valley. The four brothers represent four tribes: the Mara, the Tampus, the Mascas and the Chilkes, that occupied the later capital of the Incas, Qosqo or Cusco. After years of struggle, the tribe of the masks, led by Ayar Manco, would have defeated all the others, thus becoming the founder of what would later be the Inca dynasty and its expansion towards the four Suyos or The Tawantinsuyo regions.


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Hotel pick-up in Cusco at 9 am on private transportation to the rural community of Jirca. After a brief introduction talk to the place, we will start hiking towards Huanacaure summit. The trail crosses beautiful grasslands common from the Andean highlands. You will enjoy astonishing views of the valley of Cusco during the hike. We will visit the archaeological site of special ceremonial importance in Inca times located at 4050 m. And we will arrive at the summit located at 4100m with excellent panoramic views of Cusco, where we will have time to eat and rest and then descend to the starting point of the route and return in the afternoon to Cusco.

Included/ not Included


  • Private transportation
  • Guide service
  • Box lunch (ask for special needs)


  • Snacks and water
  • Tips and other expenses


  • Comfortable shoes and clothes for walking
  • Water bottle
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Sun protection: sunglasses, sunblock, hat

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