Gastronomi – Cultural route south valley







The gastronomic route to the South Valley of Cusco is characterized by several towns that are defined by the people of Cusco as places to taste different dishes of the region. In this sense, we can find the town of Saylla, renowned for its delicious greaves; Tipón, for its tasty cuy and Lucre, for its main ingredient, the duck, used in different and delicious dishes.

Rice with Pato is the most outstanding dish. It is classified as a corral dish and is characterized by its intense aroma and delicious flavor. Unlike the rice with the northern duck, Cuzco is prepared from different ingredients, including rice, tender duck, coriander, zapallo loche and a little chicha de jora, among other species.

In addition to the rice with duck there are other dishes of the area based on the same ingredient as the Roasted Duck and the Duck to the oven, delicious soft and crunchy meat that is accompanied by noodles in the oven. Also, the Cuy, of very tasty and nutritious meat that can be served in different forms, stands out. La Trucha is a semi-delicate and very tasty fish that is baked in Lucre and is accompanied with Bachelor of Cheese. As well as potato, salad and chili.

The products that also excel in the gastronomy of Lucre are the Quinua, of great nutritional values ​​and that also is used for traditional dishes like the Quinua to the Huancaína, Cause of Quinoa, Quinoa with Chicken, Quail of quinoa with fish, among others. Mushrooms are another Lucre’s own product that possess good amounts of vitamins and minerals and can be accompanied by beans, quinoa or corn quartz.

Enjoy the traditional Cusco cuisine in the Southern Cusco Valley. Meet Lucre and taste the delicious dishes.

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